We are leading Supplier and Distributor of Luminous Solar System, Off Grid Solar System in Alwar , Rajasthan.

Luminous Off Grid Solar System

  • Luminous Off Grid Solar System are complete Solar COMBO with Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Solar Battery, Structure, Wires, Nut-Bolts and Complete Accessories to run your basic load of your home, business, school etc.
  • Luminous solar system is a designed to make firm house, shops, offices to be self dependent on energy. It is a preferred choice for customers having frequent power cuts in home and commercial shops.If you want, all your power equipment such as Fans, lights, Television, Refrigerator to be running on solar without using grid electricity, This solar system suites to you.
  • Solar roof top kits offer efficient and economic ways to harness the solar energy touching your roof tops/home to generate electricity.
  • It work as ATM that regular pay you.frugal & efficient way to power up your home with solar.Independence from untimely power cuts.Independence from ever increasing power tariffs.Very low maintenance cost and no fuel cost with long life.Weatherproof and eco-friendly.Grid will work as a backup 24×7. This kit Includes solar modules, inverter, charge controller etc.

Luminous Solar is one of the best solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery manufacturer has 1000+ service centers, 2900+ distributors and 60000+ Solar Systems Dealer network in very economical price in India.  Luminous Solar is 26 years old Solar Company, founded in 1988. Luminous today is leading solar company with over 5000 employees, 8 manufacturing units and 28 sales offices in India.